modern slavery policy


Modern slavery, a grave infringement of essential human rights, manifests in various guises, including slavery, servitude, forced labour, and human trafficking. Such deplorable acts exploit individuals for personal or commercial gains, depriving them of their liberty.

At Menopause Connect, we oppose modern slavery, adopting an unwavering zero-tolerance stance. Our dedication to ethical conduct and integrity permeates all business endeavours and affiliations. We are steadfast in our commitment to establish and uphold stringent systems and protocols to ensure our operations and supply chain remain free from modern slavery.

Our ethos prioritises transparency, underpinning our objective to eliminate modern slavery across our supply chain. We expect impeccable ethical standards from all contractors, suppliers, and business associates. Our contracts prohibit forced, compulsory, trafficked labour, slavery, or servitude. Furthermore, we trust our suppliers to ensure their suppliers uphold these principles.

This policy encompasses all individuals affiliated with Menopause Connect, including employees, directors, officers, volunteers, agents, contractors, consultants, representatives, and business partners. Though not incorporated into employment contracts, this policy may be revised.


Our Procurement Department ensures this policy aligns with our legal and ethical commitments and is adhered to by all concerned.

The Group Purchasing Director predominantly oversees policy execution, monitoring, addressing queries, and reviewing internal systems and processes to combat modern slavery. Managers at every tier are tasked with ensuring their teams grasp and comply with this policy and are equipped with any requisite training.


All affiliated individuals must acquaint themselves with and adhere to this policy. Identifying, preventing, and reporting modern slavery within our business or supply chain falls upon everyone associated with us. Activities hinting at or leading to a policy breach must be sidestepped.

Should you harbour concerns or suspicions regarding a policy infringement, promptly relay them to your manager or the Procurement Department. We advocate for voicing concerns about potential instances of modern slavery in any segment of our business or our suppliers’ supply chains without delay.

If you’re uncertain whether a specific act or situation within our supply chain constitutes modern slavery, consult your manager or the Procurement Department.

We champion an open culture and back anyone voicing genuine concerns under this policy, even if subsequent investigations deem those concerns unfounded. We guarantee that no individual will face repercussions for reporting suspicions of modern slavery in good faith. If you feel you’ve been subjected to such treatment, notify your manager immediately.


We offer training on this policy and the potential risks of modern slavery in the supply chain when necessary. Our unwavering stance against modern slavery is conveyed to all suppliers, contractors, and business partners at the outset of our professional relationship and reiterated as required.


Employees found contravening this policy will be subject to disciplinary measures, which may culminate in dismissal due to misconduct or gross misconduct. Our association with individuals or entities representing us may be severed if they transgress this policy.

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